Live & Work in South Africa: Digital Nomad Visa Explained!

Johannesburg, South Africa – April 5, 2024

South Africa has officially enacted its digital nomad visa regulations in a move designed to bolster the nation's tech industry and enhance its global competitiveness. This program targets skilled remote workers with the ability to boost the economy and foster innovation.

Key Program Features

  • Focus on Skilled Professionals: The program specifically targets skilled remote workers who can contribute to South Africa's technological development and economic prosperity.
  • Minimum Income Requirement: To qualify for the digital nomad visa, international applicants must demonstrate a minimum annual income exceeding R1 million (approximately USD $52,575).
  • Streamlined Work Visa System: The new regulations also establish a point-based system for work visas, offering a more efficient and transparent process for skilled professionals seeking work authorisation in South Africa.

Boosting National Competitiveness

President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasised the importance of attracting skilled professionals to drive national prosperity in the evolving global economic landscape. He highlighted the positive impact of such individuals, citing their contributions to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Improved firm competitiveness

Addressing Public Concerns

While the digital nomad visa program has garnered positive reactions for its potential to elevate South Africa's tech ecosystem, some residents have expressed concerns regarding potential increases in living costs and tax implications. The DHA is actively addressing these concerns and ensuring a smooth implementation process.

Public Input and Next Steps

The program's development incorporated public feedback gathered in February 2024. However, some reports suggest that the final regulations may only partially reflect some public input. Further clarifications are expected regarding the following:

  • Minimum Income Threshold: Whether the minimum income requirement refers to gross or net income.
  • Freelancer Eligibility: Whether freelance workers qualify for the digital nomad visa.

With the official enactment of the digital nomad visa program, South Africa joins a growing list of African nations that offer similar programs to attract skilled remote workers. This strategic move positions South Africa as a competitive destination for international tech talent, fostering innovation and economic development.


  • What is a digital nomad visa?

    A digital nomad visa allows individuals to live in a foreign country while working remotely for a company that is not based in that country. This visa is designed for those who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and live nomadically.

  • How can I get a South African visa for digital nomads?

    To get a digital nomad visa in South Africa, follow the Department of Home Affairs' rules by submitting an application and necessary documents, like proof of employment, income, and health insurance. For detailed steps and requirements, check the Department's website or contact a South African embassy or consulate.

  • What conditions must be met in order to obtain a South African visa for a DNP?

    You must demonstrate employment or business outside of South Africa, earn at least R1,000,000 ($52,575) annually, possess health insurance, and have a spotless criminal record in order to be eligible for the country's digital nomad visa. This confirms that you can financially sustain yourself there.

  • How long is a digital nomad visa valid in South Africa?

    A digital nomad visa in South Africa can have varying validity periods, although they typically last up to a year. The visa may be renewable, depending on the individual's circumstances and compliance with visa conditions during their stay.

  • Can I freelance on a digital nomad visa in South Africa?

    Yes, you can freelance on a digital nomad visa in South Africa, provided that your clients are based outside of the country. The visa is designed for remote workers, including freelancers, who earn their income from companies or clients outside of South Africa.

To obtain a South Africa eVisa

  • Step1: Complete the online application by providing your passport details.

  • Step2: Submit payment online using a credit card.

  • Step3: Monitor your email for confirmation of payment and receipt of your eVisa, which will be sent electronically.

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