Portuguese Honorary Consulate in Durban

The Embassy of Portugal is located in Durban which is the city of South Africa.

Moving towards the Head of Mission of the embassy of Portugal located in South Africa is Elias António de Sousa, Honorary Consul. The primary purpose of an Embassy is to provide assistance to the citizens who travel or want to live in the host country. You need to have several documents for this purpose, and an embassy provides you all of the consulate services. To visit the embassy, you must make your appointment and choose the date/time that is available on the schedule.

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Head of Mission: Elias António de Sousa, Honorary Consul

Portugal Tourists Details
Portugal is a beautiful place to visit. It is quite popular for tourism as it has a number of historical places, and many other spots for tourists. Every year, a number of tourists visit Portugal.

Consular Services
Several consular services are provided by the embassy of Portugal situated in South Africa. These may include visa or passport processing, marriage registration along with document legalization as well. Apart from this, South Africa has a representation in Portugal. The consulate services are granted to visitors from South Africa to Portugal as well as to Afghan citizens in South Africa. These consulate services are listed below:

  • Process passport applications
  • Process visa applications
  • Notarizing documents
  • Legalization of documents
  • Absentee Tazkera
  • Issuing emergency travel documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Application forms
  • Authentication of documents

Visa Types Granted By Portugal Are;

  • Portugal Tourist Visas (T)
  • Portugal Business Visas (B)
  • Portugal Entry Visas (X)
  • Portugal Portugalemployment(E) & Project (P) Visas
  • Portugal Student Visas (S)
  • Portugal Medical Visas (Med) & Medical Attendant Visas (Med X)
  • Portugal Conference/Seminar Visas (C)
  • Portugal Journalist Visas (J)
  • Portugal Research Visas (R)
  • Portugal Missionary Visas (M)
  • Portugal Mountaineering Visas (Mx)
  • Portugal Intern Visas (I)
  • Portugal Film Visas (F)
  • Portugal Transit Visas
  • Portugal Gratis Visas


You can book your appointments to visit the embassy by contacting them through phone call/ email or check schedules on their official website. It is mandatory to contact before visiting the embassy because the office hours may vary.

*Please help us to update with correct information for Portuguese Honorary Consulate in Durban, if you find this information is not correct.


Shirley gerstmeier

good morning. we are moving to Portugal . my husband has a german passport and permanent residency in portugal ( he has a NIF no, bank account etc) . i am south african and hold a mauritian passport (i also have a NIF no and join bank account with my husband in portugal). what process do i need to do to enter into portugal for a longer period? thanking you in advance.

Caron Martins

Hi I am applying for a spouse visa and I need to know if my husband has to come with me?


Good afternoon. I would like to book and appointment as i would like to enquire if my Grandfather was born and resided in Portugal am i entitled to a Portuguese Passport please? Thank you kindly Antony de Lima

Portuguese Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa

599, Leyds Street
P.O. Box 27102
Pretória 0132
South Africa

(+27) 12 341 2340
(+27) 12 341 2342

(+27) 12 341 3975


Portuguese Consulate General in Cape Town, South Africa

Suite 1005, Standard Bank Center
MainTower, 10th Floor
Hertzog Boulevard
8001 Cape Town
South Africa

(+27) 21 418 00 80
(+27) 21 41 800 85

(+27) 21 418 00 84

Portuguese Consulate General in Johannesburg, South Africa

Portuguese House, 1st Floor
Ernest Oppenheimer Boulevard
Bruma, 2198
P. O. Box 5092
2000 Johannesburg
South Africa

(+27) 11 622 0645

(+27) 11 622 0661


Portuguese Honorary Consulate in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

9, Oak Road, Overbaakens-Walmer
P.O. Box 5114
6070 Port Elizabeth
South Africa

(+27) 41 367 16 93

(+27) 41 367 16 93

Portuguese Honorary Consulate in Welkom, South Africa

390 Stateway Road
9459 Welkom
South Africa

(+27) 57 352 81 96

(+27) 73 225 38 30