South African Honorary Consulate in Leeds

The Embassy of South Africa is located in Leeds which is the city of United Kingdom.

Moving towards the Head of Mission of the embassy of South Africa located in United Kingdom is , Honorary Consul. The primary purpose of an Embassy is to provide assistance to the citizens who travel or want to live in the host country. You need to have several documents for this purpose, and an embassy provides you all of the consulate services. To visit the embassy, you must make your appointment and choose the date/time that is available on the schedule.


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Head of Mission:

  • , Honorary Consul
  • South Africa Tourists Details
    South Africa is a beautiful place to visit. It is quite popular for tourism as it has a number of historical places, and many other spots for tourists. Every year, a number of tourists visit South Africa.

    South Africa VISAS
    Following are the types of visas provided by this embassy to be used by the citizens:

    • South Africa Tourist Visa
    • Visit Visa
    • Business Visa
    • Work Visa
    • Medical Visa
    • Study Visa
    • Relatives’ Visa
    • Exchange Visa
    • Retired Persons’ Visa

    You can book your appointments to visit the embassy by contacting them through phone call/ email or check schedules on their official website. It is mandatory to contact before visiting the embassy because the office hours may vary.

    *Please help us to update with correct information for South African Honorary Consulate in Leeds , if you find this information is not correct.

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    Chane Privett

    Hi, I need to register my child's birth, get a renewal passport for my husband and my daughter and I need to change the name on my passport. Are you open 28th, 29th, 30th Dec at the Leeds branch? Many thanks Chané

    Daniel pretorius

    Hi Everyone Need to renew my South African Passport that is expire already and I am struggling to book an appointment. I have try to call but haven't got through to anyone. Please kindly let me know how I can make and appointment to renew my passport. I live in Sheffield and if there is anywhere closer to me that i can deal with my documents and i need to renew my passport too update my biometric residency card and as well to regisister my daughter and to find out the process for getting a passport for her please let me ASAP Thank you Daniel Pretorius

    Daniel pretorius

    what are your opening times

    Nicholas Craig Jackson

    I wish to renew my brothers SA ID. He is disabled and I was wondering if he will need to come into the Honorary Consulate in Leeds to be fingerprinted as part of the application process ? He has an old outdated (green) ID book and SA passport.

    Steven Mendes

    Am I able to get my documents certified, marriage certificate legalised with this office? Needed for my passport renewal

    Marlon Chetty

    Hello, I would like to renew my SA passport and apply for a new ID card. can you pls advise what forms I need to fill in?


    Hie, l just want to enquire if l want to travel to South Africa this August, when do I need to apply for the visa and how long does it take? Thank you


    Hi dear sir/madam I’m Indian passport holder and living in uk preston,I want to visit South Africa for 3 weeks.when can I come for apply the visa?thank you good night


    Hi dear sir/madam I’m Indian passport holder and living in uk preston,I want to visit South Africa for 3 weeks.when can I come for apply the visa?thank you good night

    High Commission of South Africa in London, United Kingdom

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