South African Honorary Consulate in Beirut

The Embassy of South Africa is located in Beirut which is the city of Lebanon.

The primary purpose of an Embassy is to provide assistance to the citizens who travel or want to live in the host country. You need to have several documents for this purpose, and an embassy provides you all of the consulate services. To visit the embassy, you must make your appointment and choose the date/time that is available on the schedule.

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COVID-19 Statistics - South Africa
Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease the South African Honorary Consulate in Beirut could have adjusted its office hours or services. Please do confirm personally.

South Africa Tourists Details
South Africa is a beautiful place to visit. It is quite popular for tourism as it has a number of historical places, and many other spots for tourists. Every year, a number of tourists visit South Africa.

Consular Services
Several consular services are provided by the embassy of South Africa situated in Lebanon. These may include visa or passport processing, marriage registration along with document legalization as well. Apart from this, Lebanon has a representation in South Africa. The consulate services are granted to visitors from Lebanon to South Africa as well as to Afghan citizens in Lebanon. These consulate services are listed below:

  • Process passport applications
  • Process visa applications
  • Notarizing documents
  • Legalization of documents
  • Absentee Tazkera
  • Issuing emergency travel documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Application forms
  • Authentication of documents

South Africa VISAS
Following are the types of visas provided by this embassy to be used by the citizens:

  • South Africa Tourist Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Medical Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Relatives’ Visa
  • Exchange Visa
  • Retired Persons’ Visa

You can book your appointments to visit the embassy by contacting them through phone call/ email or check schedules on their official website. It is mandatory to contact before visiting the embassy because the office hours may vary.

*Please help us to update with correct information for South African Honorary Consulate in Beirut, if you find this information is not correct.


Walid Haddad

Dear team, I hope all Is well. I am writing this email as per the request of the Consulate in France through Ms. Vellah, and to seek help for my Visa application, kindly find below the case: I visited the embassy in France 2 times to try to submit my application, and am eager to do what is needed to get the Visa to South Africa. - I am seeking to travel to South Africa with my classmate in INSEAD during our study break from 21 April to 1 May 2023 - I tried to submit my application through the embassy in Paris, but they cannot process my application because my student residency ends in July 2023 and the embassy requires a residency active 6 month after the return date. o Please note that the whole INSEAD program is just 10 month and the program ends in July 2023 - All documentation are prepared and ready for submittal Could you please help me as all my classmates will be travelling except me? 1) Could we submit the application through the embassy in Lebanon? If so, could you please share with me the requirements? 2) Can I send the documentation with a representative or a family member? I also have them all in soft copy and can share through email. 3) How can I send my passport for Visa stamp? Thank you very much for your support Walid