Panamanian Embassy in Pretoria

The Embassy of Panama is located in Pretoria which is the city of South Africa.

Moving towards the Head of Mission of the embassy of Panama located in South Africa is Jacob Dominguez Castillo, Ambassador. The primary purpose of an Embassy is to provide assistance to the citizens who travel or want to live in the host country. You need to have several documents for this purpose, and an embassy provides you all of the consulate services. To visit the embassy, you must make your appointment and choose the date/time that is available on the schedule.

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Head of Mission: Jacob Dominguez Castillo, Ambassador

Panama Tourists Details
Panama is a beautiful place to visit. It is quite popular for tourism as it has a number of historical places, and many other spots for tourists. Every year, a number of tourists visit Panama.

Consular Services
Several consular services are provided by the embassy of Panama situated in South Africa. These may include visa or passport processing, marriage registration along with document legalization as well. Apart from this, South Africa has a representation in Panama. The consulate services are granted to visitors from South Africa to Panama as well as to Afghan citizens in South Africa. These consulate services are listed below:

  • Process passport applications
  • Process visa applications
  • Notarizing documents
  • Legalization of documents
  • Absentee Tazkera
  • Issuing emergency travel documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Application forms
  • Authentication of documents

Visa Types Granted By Panama Are;

  • Panama Regular Visa
  • Panama Tourist Visa (T)
  • Panama Employment Visa (E)
  • Panama Students Visa (S)
  • Panama Research Visa (R)
  • Panama Project Visa
  • Panama Journalist Visa (J)
  • Panama Conference Visa (C)
  • Panama Transit Visa (Tr)
  • Panama Entry Visa (X)
  • Panama Missionary Visa
  • Panama Mountaineering Visa
  • Panama Medical &Medical Attendant Visa
  • Panama Intern Visa
  • Panama Film Visa
  • Panama Extension Of Visa
  • Panama Gratis Visa


You can book your appointments to visit the embassy by contacting them through phone call/ email or check schedules on their official website. It is mandatory to contact before visiting the embassy because the office hours may vary.

*Please help us to update with correct information for Panamanian Embassy in Pretoria, if you find this information is not correct.


Makopoi M. Shoaepane

To apply for a tourist visa to Panama, how do I get the application forms? Or do I need to visit the embassy? I am from Lesotho


I have been nominated by the Kenyan Government as part of the delegation to World Health Organization conference of parties(COP) and Member of parties(MOP) Which will take place from 5th to 15th February 2024.The conventional secretariat has advised that it may not be necessary to travel to south Africa for visa Application. I have all the documents required as guided by the Secretariat.

Noluthando Busisiwe Xaba

I need to book an appointment for a visa application, I was nominated to represent the Government of Eswatini at the Tenth Session conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC, to be convened in Panama City from 20-25 November 2023 and the Third session of the meeting of the Parties to be convened in Panama City from 27-30 November 2023. These meetings have since been postponed to early next year hence my intention to apply now for the visa. I have all supporting documents. I had however registered with my international passport and have since acquired a service passport which i intend applying for the visa with.


To the visa consulate. I am the managing Director of BATA CLASSICAL TRAVEL AND TOUR from Ghana Accra I have about 5 clients that shows their interest for tourism in Panama and they want our assistance to help them obtain a visa. I am writing to you my request regarding the tourist visa application requirements and the visa fee and how to obtain the visa. We really appreciate your efforts and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.